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INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR BRAND RECOGNITION USING OUR PROVEN & REPEATABLE SOLUTIONS you can eliminate the guess work, implement systems, and leave the heavy lifting to our team of Virtual Media Advisors

  • Completely customizable "done for you" streaming setup for Facebook Live & Youtube.​
  • A personalized video intro that is completely unique to you and your brand that will make you look like a real estate rockstar!
  • Fully customized streaming graphics and background so your brand looks like a professional News channel!
  • One on One consulting with our expert virtual media advisor every week
  • A personalized plan that is laid out to bring you success with our repeatable virtual media systems, tactics, strategies, and processes
  • Assistance with social media, live streaming, podcasting, branding, and marketing implementation
  • Completely customizable "done for you" video editing and posting for Instagram
  • The most compelling headlines and designs for your brand with each and every post
  • Each post is made from your own videos so your face, brand, voice, value, and message shines through each and every time
  • Hyper Targeted 100% Real Instagram followers in your target market
  • Grow-By-Hand Instagram Method ...never using bots or shortcuts
  • ​1,000 - 5,000 views per INSTAKREM* Instagram video
  • ​Target audience viewership for all of your INSTAKREM* Instagram videos
  • Completely customized emails written every week
  • Emails made 100% from your videos so each one is packed with everything that makes your brand unique 
  • Our team of expert copywriters are hands on every step of the way editing, managing, and reviewing your emails for you so you don’t have to even think about it!

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DISCLAIMER: I can’t promise that you will grow your business with this program but I will assure you I would have grown my business faster had I known what I know today. While I can’t make you a financial guarantee, I do promise to advance your brand faster with me than without me……
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